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Medituft Carpets are a range of solution dyed nylon carpets which have a combination of treatments, Aquaban and Odourban, applied to the carpet during manufacturing.

Aquaban is an advanced moisture-proofing technology complying with BIA Standards to prevent penetration of moisture from spillages through the carpet backing to the flooring substrate. Aquaban complies with the British Spill Test Standards and all Medituft Carpets are batch tested and certified.

Odourban is an atmosphere enhancing breakthrough which absorbs and neutralizes odours such as ammonia, nicotine, hydrogen sulphide and formaldehyde. This helps to meet air quality compliance requirements for occupants of healthcare or commercial buildings, and educational facilities.

Permanency of Odourban technology has been tested and approved in accordance with ATCC171 hot water extraction and ASTM D3884 abrasion resistance tests. It is self renewing and withstands repeated cleaning.

Medituft solution dyed nylon (SDN) carpet yarn is a robust high performance fibre, capable of being cleaned aggressively whilst achieving excellent appearance retention. Being SDN the coloured dye is locked into the fibre rather than applied to the exterior of the fibre, therefore making the carpet extremely stain resistant.

Medituft Carpets have a permanent biocide feature making them permanently antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal. This also controls gram positive and gram negative bacteria, mould and fungi and cannot be consumed by micro organisms.


    General Specifications

    WarrantyBeaulieu of Australia provides comprehensive Performance Warranties, including a 15 Year Wear Warranty, 15 Year Anti-Static Warranty, Lifetime Anti-Stain Warranty and a 15 Year Anti-Zipper Warranty.

    Installation & Maintenance

    Download the Warranty & Maintenance Guide

    Maintenance Options

    Low Maintenance: vacuum, spot clean

    Traditional Maintenance: vacuum


    Indoor air quality / VOC friendly - Medituft Carpet is engineered to U.S Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Plus Standards, there is no Chlorine, no 4 PCH and no SBR latex.

    Green Star - Medituft Carpets will qualify for rating points under Green Star, they are fully recyclable and come with 15 year performance warranties.